Outdoor Living is Better with Decorative Concrete

Outdoor LivingThe responsibilities of owning a home aren’t to be taken lightly. Just routine maintenance can seem daunting sometimes, and of course there’s the importance of keeping your home up to the general standard of the neighborhood. If you’ve been looking around the back yard of your San Antonio home and thinking that maybe it’s time to do a bit of upgrading, you might want to consider incorporating decorative concrete into the plan.

Finish Concrete with CLASSIC Texture in San Antonio

When installing an in-ground public or residential pool, the pool deck is of almost equal importance to the pool itself. You want it to look appealing, especially in a space that is otherwise well landscaped. However, safety is also of paramount concern. All the water makes slipping a major hazard, and pools often attract excitable children who go faster than they should. Additionally, the surface used must be able to withstand the moisture from the pool, as well as potential contact with pool cleaning chemicals.

For contractors trying to bring all of these traits together, Sundek’s CLASSIC texture in San Antonio is the perfect choice. A spray texture concrete overlay that can be applied on top of raw or decorative concrete, it has many advantages as a pool deck surface.

Finding the Right San Marcos Garage Floor Coatings

When designing or redesigning a home, it is all too common to leave out the garage, letting it remain blank and drab. Just because a garage usually needs to be practical does not mean it cannot be beautiful too. Designers and contractors should view an untouched garage floor as an opportunity and a blank canvas, not as an area to avoid. Updating a garage floor does not have to cost much, either, and can actually help protect the floor and make it more durable and easier to maintain as well.  This means it is a great touch even when you are working on a tight budget.


Colorful Stained Concrete


Decorative stained concrete offers durability, easy maintenance and a fully customizable surface to perfectly complement your house, apartment, condo, rental property or commercial space. The unique concrete staining process integrally stains the surface via a chemical reaction between the acid in the stain and the naturally occurring hydrated lime in the concrete, creating an attractive, marble like effect in whatever combination of colors you choose. 

Beautiful Stamped Concrete Pool Decks

Give your swimming pool the perfect complement with a decorative stamped concrete patio in a natural stone, tile, brick or wood pattern! Sundek of San Antonio offers a full range of decorative concrete services, and will guide you through the design and installation of the perfect stamped concrete pool deck for your unique needs.

Update Your Surfaces With SunCanvas Concrete Overlay

If the surfaces in or around your home or business are beginning to look old, damaged or outdated, Sundek of San Antonio provides SunCanvas, a concrete micro topping overlay, to completely transform surfaces in need of an update. 

SUNDEK Concrete Repair

Decorative concrete overlays from Sundek of San Antonio are a great way to mask any cracks or damages, while giving you a fresh, updated and beautiful area to enjoy.

Sundek of San Antonio offers expert concrete repair and resurfacing throughout the San Antonio area, and their reputation for stunning work done has positioned them as an industry leader in all things concrete, including pool decks, driveways, interior floors and more.

San Antonio Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete is the hottest trend in the home improvement world, and it’s easy to see why. Decorative concrete surfaces are not only durable and versatile, but also economical, environmentally friendly and beautiful! Sundek of San Antonio’s decorative concrete surfaces are full of color, patterns, textures and richness.

Custom Garage Floors

With our signature SUNDEK garage floor coatings, your garage will be transformed from a boring, gray slab, to a sleek, inviting and easy to clean customized surface.  

San Antonio Stained Concrete Flooring

Whether you’re upgrading your existing surfaces or designing a new home or business, stained concrete flooring is an excellent choice thanks to its ideal blend of durability and versatility. Create stunning colors that will beautifully complement any design aesthetic with San Antonio stained concrete by Sundek of San Antonio.